How to Choose Mainstream Mobile Charger in the Market

Mobile phones are changing with each passing day. Brands are launching mobile phones at a faster speed. Users are longing for various functions, products are becoming more and more intelligent, screens are getting bigger and bigger, and consequently, power consumption is getting faster and faster. Mobile phone manufacturers and users are continuing their batteries, charging speed of batteries is also getting higher and higher. Android system QC2.0, QC3.0, TYPE-C interface mobile phone 3.0 fast charging, and flash charging function represented by OPPO R7, are popular in the market. But when the mobile phone is manufactured, it only has traveling charge. We often call it AC to DC, but how can the driver choose car charger according to your mobile phone? Most people don't understand and are also very interested in it. There is little systematic information about the requirements of mobile phone charging, because mobile phone manufacturers are constantly updating and upgrading the charging, professional charger manufacturers are overwhelmed, let alone users.

How to choose charger?

Dongguan Zhongbai Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional chemical factory which integrates design, development, production and sales of on-board chargers. We will first explain the history and charging requirements of chargers, and then analyze the selection of chargers.

Early mobile phones were called Big Brother. The batteries used in them were lithium ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and so on. Different batteries had different voltages, so different brands of mobile phones had different charging voltages, ranging from 5V to 12V. And the charging interface of different brands and different models of mobile phones is also different, with DC head, 3PIN, 7PIN 12PIN, 24PIN...

When the mobile phone is connected to the charger, it does not charge immediately. Because there are different batteries and voltages in the cell phone, there will be a recognition system to identify whether the charger connected to the cell phone is the charger needed for the cell phone. The identification process in charge industry is called triggering. The trigger mode has resistance trigger, that is, the mobile phone detects whether the resistance value on one or two PINs of the connector on the charger is correct to judge whether it is the charger of the mobile phone. When the test is correct, it opens the charging system inside the mobile phone to charge.

There are voltage triggers, such as Nokia's DC head, and there are D+/D-triggers similar to today's, but not necessarily two voltage points, there may be one, there will be two. There are short circuit triggers and so on. How to trigger, there is no fixed, there is no standard, is entirely in accordance with the designer and manufacturer at that time immediately set.

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