Can a laptop be charged with an on-board power supply?

Can a laptop be charged with an on-board power supply? How does a car charger charge a laptop?

Tolerable. Because the 12V power supply of automobile is not stable enough, it is better not to charge the computer or mobile phone directly from the car. After converting to 220V AC by inverters, the voltage will be relatively stable and the equipment will not be damaged.

Since the power supply in the family is generally about 100V-240V (AC), the power supply in the car and the aircraft is generally about 12V (DC), but the three commonly used power sources are unstable, and can not charge the laptop directly, otherwise the battery and the laptop will be damaged. The notebook computer needs a stable constant voltage DC power supply.

So the working principle of the laptop power adapter is simple: the unstable power supply is transformed into the constant voltage direct current needed by the laptop through the principle of switching power supply, which supplies power and charges the laptop.

It is worth noting that this conversion circuit must have protective circuits (over-current protection circuit, over-voltage protection circuit, short circuit protection circuit, etc.) to prevent accidents, to protect laptops from burning.

When choosing the charging device of the notebook, it is not optional. It must be selected according to the parameters of the original adapter of the notebook.

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