Solutions to Common Questions about Charging Mobile Phone with Vehicle Charger

Now the digital products are doing better and better, and the power consumption is also increasing day by day. When we enjoy the convenience of life brought by digital products, we are also constantly suffering from various "no electricity" worries. In line with the market demand, there are many mobile power supply, vehicle chargers and other devices that can charge digital products at any time. So how will the use of these devices affect our digital products? Does car charger affect mobile phone batteries? Today, we will try to solve all the puzzles one by one.

Does car charger affect mobile phone batteries?

Xiaobian answered: Where the car charger is plugged in, the output voltage is DC, which is the voltage between 12V and 24V. If the quality of car charger is not very bad, it will not affect the cell phone battery.

Does the car charger consume fuel?

Xiaobian answered: The car charger is connected to the power supply through the cigarette lighter outlet, using battery power, when the car starts, it will automatically supply the battery power, so there is no fuel consumption theory.

Can a car charger charge a flat panel?

Xiaobian answered: The current needed for flat-panel charging is generally 2.1A. There are not many on-board chargers that can charge flat-panel on the market now. When purchasing, we should pay attention to distinguishing whether the output current of car charging can be achieved or not. In addition, the current of many car charging is false. When charging flat panel, it is always intermittently connected. When some cars charge flat panel, the temperature will rise sharply, which will automatically disconnect, unable to continue charging. Xiaobian now uses a dual-port car charged by Zhongbai Electronics, which can charge both mobile phones and tablets at the same time, and the speed is also very fast.

What brand is better for on-board chargers?

Xiaobian answered: There are many manufacturers of on-board chargers, and now the better brands on the market are Zhongbai, Philips, Belkin, Tianneng and so on. There are many fake and inferior Belkin products on the market nowadays. When purchasing Belkin products, we should pay special attention to distinguishing whether they are genuine or not.

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