Mobile Charging Management

Mobile phone charging is not just to input voltage to the interface of the mobile phone, the mobile phone can be charged, usually after triggering, the mobile phone will start charging.

Because each type of mobile phone has different charging connectors and different charging voltage, each type of mobile phone charger can not be shared, and the charger is repeatedly manufactured, resulting in waste of manpower, material resources and resources. Later, the charger industry came out with new standards, voltage from the previous DC5V to 10V, gradually unified to the standard DC5V; charging connectors from the original multifarious, slowly unified to the later MINI USB 5P (in addition to Apple has been using the IPOD 30PIN). Charger also mostly uses USB output interface with a data line. In this way, the same charger can charge different mobile phones or power different digital products. The same data line can also transmit data and charge different mobile phones or digital products. Multipurpose reduces the repeated production of chargers, and reduces the waste of manpower, material resources and resources. It was later upgraded to a smaller MICRO USB 5P. In this way, there are two main types of mobile phone charger connectors, one is MICRO USB 5P as the mainstream, the other is Apple-based IPOD, IPAD 30P and IPHONE5 as the main body, but the charging voltage is unified into DC5V.

After that, the charging trigger of mobile phones has become more unified than before, mainly in the following four ways:

1. Resistance trigger: MINI USB 5P or MICRO USB 5P 4-5PIN indirect resistance, but also MINI USB 5P 2-3 PIN indirect resistance, but this is less. Two

2. Short-circuit trigger: mainly MINI USB5P or MICRO USB5P 2-3PIN short-circuit

3. Voltage trigger: It is the trigger mode represented by D+/D-of Apple. For example, the charger of 1A is D-2.7V and D+2.0V. When the charger detects this voltage combination, whether it's an Apple mobile phone or a Apple tablet computer, it looks as if the charger can only supply the charging current of 1A, and only turn on the charging current of 1A. When the detection is D-2.0V and D+2.7V, the Apple mobile phone only absorbs the charging current of 1A because it only needs the charging current of 1A, but IPAD will absorb the charging current of 1.7A~2.4A, because it thinks that the charger can provide the charging current of 2.1A or 2.4A and D+/D-is the main series of Apple charged. Code products, including mobile phones and tablets. And Samsung's tablet computers. But Samsung's tablet D+/D-is short-circuit, with a voltage of 1.1V.

4. Software control: There is a chip in the main body of the charger, which contains the burned software. When connected to the mobile phone, the mobile phone communicates with the connector. When the software is correct, the mobile phone opens the charge management and starts charging. This kind of software needs to be upgraded frequently. Otherwise, if the mobile phone software is upgraded, the charger plug software will not be able to charge the above charging methods without updating. Most of them are used. The current line is the second and third. The first one is relatively early. It was used at the beginning of using MINI USB, but now it is less used. For example, MOTOROLA has a part of the mobile phone is this trigger.

The third way is currently the most used, and the second, the third trigger way is commonly used in most mobile phones. Because the appearance, performance, function and technology of Apple mobile phone and digital products are more advanced than those of the same industry, they are favored by consumers all over the world and sell a lot, so the D+/D-parameters in charger are basically based on the standard of Apple. Although most mobile phones can use Apple D+/D-and Samsung D+/D-, Samsung still can not use Apple D+/D-trigger to charge some mobile phones and tablets, but the parameters of mobile phone charger are basically Apple D+/D-parameters. For this reason, there are Samsung adapters on the market at present, through which Ping can be charged. If the charging parameters are converted to Samsung charging parameters, Samsung mobile phones will be charged specially.

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